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A Toddler Drowns But Cannot Get Well-Proven Treatment

In the words of the child's father...


Three year old Robert drowned in 2018 and was rushed to the local children's hospital.  Despite his father being an injured diver, having distinct knowledge of the best ways to treat drowning and being able to present case studies and peer reviewed papers, the hospital refused to pursue the requested treatment and instead chose a 'wait and see' attitude.  As Robert's brain began to break down and his condition worsened, the hospital offered to drug Robert and let him pass.  


Even when this was their recommended course of action, the hospital still refused to honor the father's request, now backed up by consultation with medical school professionals.  When asked why they would not try the therapy requested, the doctors said that it might hurt Robert = the very child they has just offered to euthanize.  


Robert's family was finally able to move Robert to another state where he was able to pursue the requested therapy in a clinic associated with one of that state's teaching hospitals.  Robert went from comatose to awake, smiling and alert following two days of the requested therapy.  Robert is now walking, talking, telling jokes and learning to read.  However, treatment delayed allowed for a substantial brain injury that will take many more years to heal completely.  




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