Their Stories: Family Tragedy

Tragic Deaths of Brother and Father During Pandemic

In the words of a sister and daughter...


I believe when I say that the medical system has changed over the past several years it is an understatement. Especially during and since the COVID-19 “pandemic” period in particular the medical industry’s corruption has truly been exposed.




From the time my brother entered the medical system via ambulance his life was determined to be more valuable dead than alive. In route to his requested hospital the ambulance, when giving his vitals to his preferred hospital, was told to reroute and take him to another hospital further away by an additional 30 plus minutes. Upon arrival he was admitted directly to ICU into a room with no air flow and horrific humidity and was administered a lethal dosage of the fatal drug of Remdesivir not once but twice during his last remaining days on earth. As far as we know he never gave informed consent to receiving this deadly drug.


We waited for 4 days before even hearing from a doctor from ICU. The hospital prohibited visitors. When I was finally able to visit, the hospital literally looked like a ghost town as there wasn’t any cars in the parking lot or any people in the halls. Only ICU was staffed with personnel.  I questioned the nursing staff regarding the room’s conditions and lack of air movement they stated that the hospital was old and the AC wasn’t working as the reason for his room being so hot. Anyone knows when someone is struggling to breathe that the heavier the air the harder it is for the person to breathe. The  nurse went on to say that the machine being used to administer his medication also malfunctioned and they had to remove it because they couldn’t gage how much of the medications he was receiving.


The medical system was incentivized by monetary means to follow the NIH’s deadly protocol. When we finally spoke with a doctor she stated there wasn’t any hope and yet she pushed intubation stating it was his last chance. We later learned that the hospital would receive additional funds for having placed him on a ventilator. We requested known successful life saving measures only to be denied these measures until such time he was too far gone for them to work.


When I was allowed to visit his nephrologist stopped by and stated he was in kidney failure due to “COVID kidney”. When I questioned the doctor about the term he stated that the drug Remdesivir destroys and kills the kidneys and is a known fact. All along the way our family was asking questions and begging for someone in the hospital to care. I called and left numerous messages asking for someone in administration to call me back regarding my brother’s Patient Rights. I never received a call.


Looking back I believe my brother’s life was predetermined by his stats given by EMS to the hospital to not be worth saving but instead he was considered more valuable to them dead. Since this time I have seen this particular hospital pop up all around the area and to be buying out all of their competitors. I realize now that he was sent to a death facility and that is how they received the money in order to remain in business and have since been able to expand their reach. Patient beware of going to your local hospital as you might just very well be losing all of yours and your family’s patient/doctor autonomy to make life saving decisions regarding your care.




After my brother’s death, my husband and I set out to learn as much as we could to prevent this from ever happening again to our family. Fast forward 5 months and yet we were faced with a similar experience with my father.  Although it wasn’t the same hospital it was one equal in caliber.


Upon admittance into the ER he was tested for COVID-19 and the test came back negative. He was diagnosed with pneumonia. Within 24 hours he was admitted into ICU and the whole process of losing patient/doctor autonomy began. For an unknown reason he was tested again for COVID-19 and this time the results were questionable.


By this time NIH had relaxed their protocols and was allowing family visits but were still recommending Remdesivir. Fortunately, we were able to decline the drug and intubation. I consulted with numerous outside doctors and respiratory therapist regarding my father’s condition. We fought to get the hospital to administer the known high dosage vitamin combination along with Ivermectin over several days. By the time they agreed they delayed an additional day until such time my father could no longer swallow.


Then we had to wait on the nutritionist to check into my father’s status to approve a feeding tube. Delay after delay. We had even located a monoclonal antibody treatment only to have the hospital administration refuse administering the treatment due to NIH protocol prohibiting in hospitalized patients from receiving the lifesaving treatment. After speaking with the respiratory therapist she convinced me to allow intubation as they would be able to drain the pneumonia and allow my father’s body to rest to be able to continue to fight the illness.


After speaking with my mom and spoke with the Hospitalist who was elated, I mean giddy with joy, as I could almost see dollar signs in his eyes. When I asked when they would be intubating my father his reply was, "Oh, not yet, he isn’t bad enough," while he grinned. I questioned him further only to finally corner him and he stated that he was never going to leave the hospital alive. It was at this point, I realized that they weren’t trying to save my father but instead were trying to capitalize on the monetary increase by my father dying and having been placed on a ventilator. I declined the ventilator as I realized here I was again. The hospital system was capitalizing on my family member’s death and that it wasn’t their goal to even remotely try to save my father’s life.


I certainly hope that you haven’t experienced what I have although I am certain that I am not the only one who has been traumatized by the failed hospital system. My husband and I have committed to supporting Beacon Medical Center as we know that they believe in administering life saving measures when treating patients. BMC believes in patient/doctor autonomy in care. I ask you to support Beacon Medical Center by praying, sharing their story and by contributing to their efforts to ensure their success of opening their doors to our community.




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