A Better Model--An Alternative to Mainstream Hospital Care


Current medical care involves a complex third-party payment system dominated by large insurers, large medical corporations, and government.  This toxic mix destroys the doctor-patient relationship and puts corporations (the favored ones) and government in charge of medical care and the flow of money.  Patients exist only as a commodity to be bought and sold.


With hospital-level care, the problem is particularly bad since large hospital systems have gained the majority control.  These hospitals are successful, not on the basis of how well they serve their patients (though they are good at pretending that intent), but on how well they negotiate regional insurance contracts or capture regional government funds.  Small, independent hospitals are a dying breed, and even the remaining ones are stuck in a corrupt system.


These large hospital systems have become increasingly controlling, seeking to exert absolute control over patients' medical care and to eliminate independent-minded physicians.  This problem has existed for a long time, but it became plainly obvious during the pandemic.  


Current hospital care is expensive, patients have few rights, and care is controlled by souless protocols, not individual needs or wishes of patients.



In the outpatient setting, there are many clinics operating outside this corrupt system, offering patients another option.  However, there is no good alternative for hospital-level care.  


For hospital-level care, people want affordability, simple and transparent pricing and billing, respect for their autonomy, and care that is not corrupted by adherence to government/insurance/corporation protocols.  However, they cannot get this kind of hospital-level care in the current system.


A direct-pay model offers a solution.  Direct-pay simply means paying directly for medical services, with no insurance, government, or other third-party being involved--just like we pay for most things.  


This concept has already been shown to be successful in the outpatient setting.  Though it is still in the minority,  there are many direct-pay clinics and even direct-pay outpatient surgery centers.  


Direct-pay puts the patient and doctor back in charge of medical care because the medical and financial transaction is only between these two parties.  In this model, prices are typically transparent and affordable, and treatment decisions respect patient autonomy and are focused on the individual needs of the patient.


This direct-pay concept can work for hospital-level care as well.


Establish a direct-pay organization with a Biblical foundation that can provide hospital-level care.  The goal is to provide excellent and affordable care to everyone.

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